We are one of the leading companies of the international transportation industry as Genoa Logistics established in Istanbul with 100% Turkish capital. We offer a professional service with years of experience and we are proud to serve you safely all over the world by opening international market. We are also proud of our goal to keep customer satisfaction at maximum level with our success in the sector with our expert team in the field.
To us, "quality of service" is very important. We have experienced our experience by focusing on the service that we give to gain the "customer satisfaction" that we set as priority in this experience. We developed our service portfolio by adding road transport, airway transportation, warehousing services, customs services and consultancy services on this road which we started with maritime transportation. And we have supported our certificates with continuous training.
Our company, which was launched in 2017 for commercial life in the logistics sector, has the most important certifications regarding the sector. In addition to the ISO 9001, ISO 10002 and ISO 28000 certifications, we have the C2 certificate, which is recognized as evidence of professional competence, reinforcing the expertise that Genoa Logistics has achieved. We are closely following the technological developments in the sector by completing the existing professionalism with an innovative and dynamic staff.
The door to the world and the success of the institution you go along with in foreign trade bringing more together will undoubtedly affect your position in the sector as well. We give you the key of that door, we are always with you as Genoa Logistics to be a business partner providing reliable and high quality service by making friendship in this process.